Understand / by Mrin A

I am not a woman; I belong not to a country, a place, or a situation
I am not white or brown or a light beige that you would call me
I am not even a traveller and neither do I search for the prettiest
Of breezes nor the highest of cliffs.

These feet walk where they are led
And I am these roaming feet

And while I roam I will take location, of gender, of place and whatever.
And I will be the voice for the millions of mute
And I will raise my head and salute.
I will take up each cause I will turn you around
Oh I will be the fire fighter.

If I grasp the injustice I will lend a limb
If I know so, I will speak
I will burn out the dark
I will burn out the dark
A woman I will travel alone,
And I will feel the breeze and climb the highest of mountains
And everywhere I go will be home.

Understand this my friend,
There is power in truth.

Oh how Power turns to fire…

Understand this my love, I am free
Look at me your fire fighter.

November 2012