Dark Light / by Mrin A

Austere rock, shivering absorbing, inhaling, unyielding, unspeaking.

Chaotic chatter. Demanding, moving, shape shifters.

Sparkles and sprays, and glitters in the sun, and simultaneously with invisible spreads and forces the invisible being, the magnificent one, rests in my stomach, and I within hers.

Deliciously I watch her. A block of grey granite. Physical matter, meat. I touch her material. Grainy. Pockmarked and aged and yet cool as youth and soft at my fingertips. And yes, instantly and gradually over time, I come to love what coats this earth. The rubble, the stubble, the ways we stumble, the divinity in the dead grey rock. I love her. I love her death. Her coldness. Her elusive tricks, her illusions. Haltingly and with odd quirks and eccentricities that cloak her stillness, she leads me and leaves me.

October 2012